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✓ Increase Your Online Presence not just your rankings
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✓ Improve Your Return On Investment for your advertising
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Welcome To Performance Based Marketing!


Engage Your Customers With Digital!



  • Businesses across the country are finding themselves bombarded by phone calls from advertising sales reps promising Search Engine Optimization that will magically transform their websites to the top of Google. Unfortunately almost all of those types of companies are incapable of delivering on their promises and the only thing that happens is the business owner discovers too late that they did not improve their rankings, or gain any new leads. Instead they simply lost money on a bad internet campaign. Many business owners are catching on to these internet scammers and have become much more wary of any of these types of claims.
  • Apex Digital Strategies provides improved client engagement through an efficient use of multiple web properties that includes proper SEO, Video Press Releases, RTB, Retargeting and Social Media.  The fact that we work on a month-to-month contract gives our clients the guarantee that we will produce the results that we are promising! Stop spending your advertising dollars and start investing them in something that has a trackable rate of return! Call today to find out more at (941) 244-5990.

Grow Your Client Base

  • brunette girl smiling on computer_apexSEO, or, “Search Engine Optimization,” when done properly can get your business ranked at the top of Google to drive the qualified leads to your website that you are looking for and expose them to the goods or services that you have to offer. These days it is simply a given that most consumers start their search for almost everything by going to a search engine online. Our goal is to make sure that you are showing up right where your customers are looking and by using an appropriate “Value Proposition” and Sales Funnel we can easily help you to acquire their contact information so that you can continue to market to them in the future.
  • SEO, SEM, RTB – Banner Ads and Social Media management and internet video are all pieces of the internet marketing puzzle that we are able to do for you, so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Call today for a free consultation on your advertising campgain, (941) 244-5990.

Real Lead Generation


  • computer_lead_generation_client_apexLead Generation online is so much more than simply doing SEO. A true Sales Funnel begins with ranking for the correct keyword terms, then having the proper SEO in place for the right web property to capture the clients who are searching and driving them to a properly formatted Lead Generation Page so that they take the desired action and become one of your actual customers. Unfortunately the vast majority of people offering to sell internet services, are focused only on the technology side of the equation and are ill equipped to help you address the true marketing side of the equation. Apex Digital Strategies works in a consulting role to make sure that your overall internet marketing campaigns are properly structured to give you the best possible chance for success. Call today to find out more at (941) 244-5990.

Who We Are…



Bryan speaking at the Local Mobile Summit for Brian Anderson and his partner Mario Brown (2012 Internet Marketer of the Year).





Bryan is a national speaker/instructor and is the CEO of “ADS” an internet marketing company with clients nationwide.


Who We Are Not…

Apex Digital Strategies is not set up to be your typical SEO firm that will work with just any client that comes along.  We work as consultants and only choose to represent businesses with goals that align with our platform.  Companies considering approaching ADS should be leaders, or up and coming leaders in their respective field and should have a monthly online ad spend of, at a minimum, $1,500 – $5,000.

We put the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time.

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Bring back


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Traditional SEO

Sub-domain lead pages including embedded videos!

Data driven traffic = Real Time Bidding (RTB) with Retargeting!

Social Media channels and videos!

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How We Do Internet Marketing by combining Multiple Web Properties…


Apex Digital Strategies is an online marketing and consulting firm dedicated to helping others achieve results with their marketing dollars.

The modern consumer shops and interacts with companies online more so than ever before. Marketing methods of the past are either extinct or in dramatic need of retooling. ADS provides solutions and strategies for reaching these consumers where THEY are at…online! Building brand presence online, improving the ease of consumers locating your services and their confidence in you are just a few of the benefits we offer. ROI (Return On Investment) is the bottom line for most companies when considering your marketing investments and ROI isn’t just something you might get.  You deserve it and it’s what you should demand… call us today because we deliver results!

Real numbers about the Internet and Marketing:


  • 98% of consumers now do their own research on the internet for purchasing local products or services
  • 80% of consumers state that info on the internet or a website was the deciding factor in their purchase
  • 68% of all clicks on the internet are from the first 5 spots of the first page of search results, 17% of the clicks are divided up among the remaining 5 spots.
  • One advertiser pulled the majority of its $20,000,000 Super Bowl budget and put it into Social Media and SEO/SEM Marketing…..because they knew how to reach consumers in the changing market!


What can we do for you?

ADS specializes in several key areas to serve you:


  • “SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) SEM and Google Places Management”
  • “Search Engine Marketing”
  • Video Creation and Video Optimization
  • “RTB or Real Time Bidding, Banner Ads, Search and Re-Targeting Campaigns”
  • “Websites that WORK to Convert Leads”
  • “Mobile Sites and Text Message Marketing”
  • “Additional Services”

And be sure to check with your ADS Online Marketing representative as we are always adding and updating our menu of services!



-‘ E Brian Rose

Founder and Co-Owner of JVZoo and NY Times Best Selling Author

Hey, E Brian Rose here, Founder and Co-Owner of JVZoo, the premier internet marketing affiliate network. Bryan Makowski is out there on the forefront of this new breed of marketing known as Real Time Bidding or RTB Ads. He networks with the top internet marketers in the country and has the coaching skills you’ll want in your corner to ramp up your lead generation efforts.


– ‘Ben Littlefield

Best Selling Author of “Rockstar Entrepreneur” and Reality Show Host

Bryan is more than a great marketer, he is the kind of guy who cares about his clients and customers to the point that he becomes your top friend and trusted advisor in your business. If you get the chance to learn from and work with Bryan Makowski, jump on it! He gets results and he cares!


– ‘Steve Campbell

Former C.I.O. for Lending Tree and former C.I.O. for ProVest, Inc.

Bryan did a fantastic job for us at ProVest creating a product sales video as well as a corporate overview video. Throughout the process Bryan made many valuable suggestions that helped us to achieve the structure and content that we wanted in the video, but more than that, he was able to help us capture the spirit of the company.  I would recommend him for any of your commercial video projects.


– ‘Ryan Shaw

6 Figure Personal Coaching Consultant

As an expert in helping out small businesses with lead generation, I would recommend Bryan if you’re company is looking to do internet marketing. Bryan has both the knowledge and the experience in online marketing and sales to bridge that gap for you.